Ford Sierra Cosworth 3 Door

vehicle description

Ford Sierra Cosworth

Low mileage Sierra Cosworth 3 Door.  Only 45,128 miles at time of posting this add. Genuine unrestored car that has simply been looked after from new & is in absolutely mint, mint condition.

History File

The history file is very extensive.  It contains several stamps from the early part of the cars life in the service book.  Then every MOT up until 2011.  The car has been SORN for the last 2 years.

Further paperwork in the history file is, literally ever last receipt that the car has ever had money spent on it, for ever last year of it's 26 years life.  From tyres, services, engine mods, a carcoon in 1991, if it has a fiver spent on it then it's in the file.

Performance Ford Magazine Feature - Nov 2010

In the November 2010 issue of "Performance Ford" the car is featured in a no less than 5 page special feature.  It is found on the front cover of the issue described by the magazine as:


The feature goe's on to describe the car as the best they had seen.  A quote by the interviewer featured in the magazine was

"I didn't expect the engine & under bonnet area to be quite so good.  When the owner lifted the bonnet my jaw dropped"

The magazine did an extensive photo shoot, there is a disc of the photo's supplied by the magazine included in the sale, along with an origional copy of the magazine.


The bodywork is arrow straight down the sides.  The car retains the origional date stamps to the wings so obviously no dings in the past.  There are no obvious signs of the car ever having had paintwork.  

There is a receipt on file back as far as 1991 for a carcoon!

Which gives some indication of why the car is in such mint but unrestored condition today.  The underside is breathtaking, all suspension, petrol tank, wishbones, floor etc etc are like new.  It retains what looks to be like the origional white factory underseal.  The underneath of the car can only be described as like the day it left the factory.  


The engine has been uprated on power & is producing 341bhp.  Specification is as follows:

  • Cylinder Block re-bore to +50 oversize
  • Cosworth 7:2.1 low compresion pistons
  • Lightened & balanced bottom end
  • High pressure oil pump
  • Tri-metal head gasket
  • ARP long stud & nut kit
  • Stage 3 cylinder head
  • BD10 camshafts with vernier pulleys 
  • T35 Garret turbo with 360 degrees thrust bearing & cut back turbines
  • RS500 alloy intercooler
  • Alloy radiator
  • Mongoose Exhaust system
  • Cone filter
  • Grey injectors
  • Group A cone air filter
  • SPEC-R oil breather system
  • SPEC-R swirl pot & header tank
  • -32 Actuator
  • 3 bar map sensor

This engine upgrade is not a DIY job but a proffessional no expense spared proffessional instalation.


  • AVO suspension
  • Cross drilled scrolled discs
  • Polly bushed

What more can I say but again, somehow I have found yet another unique car. The best in it's class.